Each room is a playful experience where the participants are locked in order to solve mysteries and riddles to get out in 60 minutes. Discovering clues and applying your logic and ingenuity as a team, you advance in a story guided by its own narrative.
We ask that the groups arrive 15 minutes earlier to explain the rules and a brief introduction to the game. if you arrive late, the time proportional to the delay will be deducted from the game.
Our escape rooms are specifically for playing with a minimum of 2 players and up to a maximum recommended capacity of 5 or 6 players -depends on the room- for the same game.
Children under 18 must be accompanied by at least one adult to play. In turn, we recommend a minimum age of 13 years.
No effort or physical skill is required in our rooms. The challenges are purely ingenious and involve exploring the space to find clues and riddles.
For reasons of preservation of our games and to ensure your immersion in the experience, electronic devices will be stored in the lockers before entering the room.
Nothing! We just beg punctuality. We wait for you on the chosen day, 15 minutes before the reserved time so you can enjoy your experience smoothly.
Of course yes! All our rooms have an anti panic button so that the affected person can leave when he thinks necessary.
Everything you need to solve the challenges is inside the room. You only need your creativity and ingenuity, no prior knowledge is necessary to enjoy the experience.