Smile (VR)


Breaking news detectives: We have two new homicide cases in town. Everything seems to indicate that it was Smile. Don’t you know Smile …? Do you know what emojis are? This psychopath is characterized by crowding his disgusting acts with emojis. He even usually draws the faces of the corpses with emojis, memes or whatever the hell it is. Psychologists believe that it is a manifestation of his bipolarity. To hell with them, I only care about having that lunatic behind the bars.

Detectives, this is where you break up. Each of you will head to a crime scene and do their best to catch it. Stay alert…Smile is very cunning. He has already mocked several of our best agents. Apparently he likes to play with them. Get ready! You don’t want to be the next meme to go viral…


Smile is an online room escape Simulator. It requires at least 2 players with a PC or laptop. It is played through the internet browser and its loading time is a few minutes (depends on the download speed). To clarify your doubts, we invite you to read the frequently asked questions.